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Pool Closing Service

Pool Closings: Protect Your Pool in Winter

When the summer season ends, winterizing the pool equipment and all of the pool lines and adds necessary chemicals to the pool. is a necessity. A properly closed pool ensures a stress-free opening next season.


Basic Package Rate $335.00


  • Drain water level as required
  • Remove skimmer basket, circulation equipment eye balls, etc.
  • Blow all lines, install foam rope if required, add Plumbing Line anti-freeze, plug all lines
  • Remove step ladder and hand rails – grease bolts
  • Winterize pool light
  • Add closing chemicals**($64 RETAIL VALUE Included)
  • Install winter cover & water bags as required
  • Winterize pool equipment – pump, filter, heater & salt cell
  • Store pool accessories at equipment pad


  • Waterfalls (each) – $65.00
  • Additional Return lines – $45.00
  • Spa Jets (max. 4 jets) – $65.00
  • Additional suction lines – $65.00
  • Additional Skimmer Lines – $65.00
  • Deck Jets (per line) – $65.00
  • Attached Spa’s (max. 8 jets) – $95.00
  • Clean Cartridge Filter – $25.00/filter
  • Remove diving board and base, grease bolts – $95.00
  • Clean Salt Chlorinating Cell – $30.00
  • Plugs, Gizmos, foam rope, liner lock, additional water bags to be charged at retail pricing
  • Remove solar blanket, treat and wash – $65.00
  • Remove and disassemble solar reel – $85.00
  • IntellChem Control Units – disconnect tanks and drain system – $50.00
  • Additional charges will be billed at $95.00 per man hour


  • Cover, water bags, pool closing accessories, plugs, foam rope to be placed at equipment pad
  • Provide water and power
  • Ensure Gate is left un-locked
  • Balance pool water one week prior to pool closing appointment
  • Vacuum pool clean

* based on standard pool size max. 75,000 litres c/w 1 pump, 1 filter, 1 heater, 1 light, 1 skimmer, 2 returns
** Shock, Algaecide, Meta-Sol


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